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Felip Mars the Bandleader of Cucumber Forest

Cucumber Forest has been founded by Felip Mars as a solo project in 1987.

The first three releases were on MCs, recorded in his bedroom on an old 4 track tape recorder, which he acquired for little money in a pawnshop. In 1989 Felip met Thomas Friedt in the Academy of arts. He had an 8 track recorder in his living room, where in the following year the album "One Hundred Homliböis Over Sea-level" was created. For this project guest musicians were involved for the first time, since Felip had to admit that he was not able to record all instruments by himself in the quality he was looking for. 

The band members were Felip Mars, bass, vocals, programming, Thomas Friedt guitar, record engineer, Andres Reukauf keyboard, Marcel Schmied sax, Olifr “Guz” Maurmann† guitar. The following two albums "Schwarzer August" and "Dark Rings Round" were recorded in their own 8 track studio between 1991 and 1992.

In addition to Felip Mars vocals, bass, programming, drums, percussion, guitar, there were Thomas Friedt guitar, Andres Reukauf piano, Olifr “Guz” Maurmann guitar, Hans Platzgumer (Hp Zinker, KÖB) and Roman Wanner (Forehead) as well as Elsi Brandwein as guest musician on board. In 1993 the Guitarist Ruedi Vögeli† and Drummer Martin Ammann† joined the band on a permanent basis and Cucumber Forest were able to go on tour for the first time. Two years later the album „Basil“ was released. 

Unfortunately, Martin committed suicide in 1998 and neither Felip nor Ruedi could nor wanted to continue with the project. They still worked on several musical projects for advertising and soundtracks, but never came together as a band again. On August 8th, 2017 Ruedi died following a short illness. 

Thus, all ideas for a reunion were off the table once and for all.


Felip was not in shape to think about music. It took him years, before he touched an instrument again. 

On September 5th, 2019 Felip decided: 

Back to the roots! Creating music with the means at hand. Against all odds. The cucumber has to rise from the ashes!


other online activities:

The images always originate in my head, then I try to implement them. 

As close as possible to the inner image and with my personal sense for aesthetic.

Even at the beginning of photography, the images have been finished by means of all resources available. In the laboratory they used dodge and burn. Contrast was regulated.

Artists experimented with chemicals, bleaching, toning, colouring. This has always fascinated me and I am still convinced, that the creation of a picture does not end with pressing the shutter release. With State of the Art technology every single pixel can be changed.

  „The sky is the limit to the imagination nowadays“

Following the 4 years of my education to become a photographer I concerned myself vigorously digital image editing. Photoshop was not really usable at that time. 

I started off with Quantel and Unix Systems. Paintbox and Alias Eclipse. 

There have been many developments in the meantime, but one thing will never change. You need to be able to recognize beauty. To develop this ability is my goal.

Of course I shot my fare share of sunsets and macro pictures. 

Sometimes the beauty of the moment forces you to do so. But in general it is my belief that the world has seen enough macro and nature pictures and therefor I am not encouraged to take the picture no. 2 billion of a poppy.

Artists I admire, display their own style with a high recognition value.

  „Schrie kunst schrie und klag dich ser din begert jecz niemen mer. so o. we“

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